Vena Silicone Case for Apple AirTag Dog/Cat Collar - Light Blue & Pink (Glow in the Dark) - 2 Pack

Vena Silicone Case for Apple AirTag Dog/Cat Collar - Light Blue & Pink (Glow in the Dark) - 2 Pack

Vena Silicone Case for Apple AirTag Dog/Cat Collar - Light Blue & Pink (Glow in the Dark) - 2 Pack

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[COMPATIBLE WITH DOG/CAT COLLAR] Vena’s silicone rubber case is tailored to store and protect Apple AirTags. The high quality silicone case is designed to add exquisite aesthetic appeal to the high-tech AirTags. The case comes with elastic straps, making it easy to fit collars, belts, or backpack straps.

[SUPERIOR MATERIAL] The silicone rubber is comfortable to touch, lightweight, scratch-resistant, and stretchable, allowing the AirTags to be easily installed and removed. It is also washable, allowing you to freshen up the cases whenever they begin to show signs of use.

[DECORATIVE AND RELIABLE] The cases have a rubber-like texture, and are well molded to snugly fit the AirTags. With their lightweight design, they will safely hold your AirTags in place but won’t add extra weight, whether they are placed on an animal, person, or your belongings. The glow-in-the-dark case is eye-catching and noticeable at night. The straps are elastic, allowing the cases to fit collars or belts in various sizes.

[GREAT FOR YOUR PETS AND LOVED ONES] Getting someone a Vena case for their AirTag is a great gift idea, helping provide them peace of mind in their busy daily life. The 2-color pack is suitable for many types of pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits, and more. They also blend well with the straps on backpacks, luggage, suitcases, and belts.

[SATISFACTION GUARANTEED] Your Vena product includes a limited lifetime warranty. Please visit Vena’s website for more details.

Product Features

Designed for Pet Collar
The Vena silicone case is tailored to perfectly fit your AirTag, providing storage, protection, and decoration. It also has elastic straps that will attach the case snugly to your pet’s collar. The multifunctional case does not interfere with the AirTag, ensuring its long transmission distance is unaffected and maximizing its usability, portability, and reliability.

Durable and Long-Lasting
The case is made of a high quality, washable silicone rubber material, which is light to wear and soft to touch. The silicone case is sturdy and holds AirTag securely, but is also flexible enough to allow the AirTag to be put on and taken off easily.

Tailored Design for your Pets
The Vena case for AirTag is engineered to fit snugly, preventing the AirTag from falling out. It’s easy to snap your AirTag into the case and attach it to your dog or cat’s collar. The silicone rubber is smooth and soft on the pet’s skin, and the strap attachment prevents the AirTag from shaking or bumping against the dog’s body while they are moving. The case glows in the dark, making it easy to see in the darkness.

Multiple Applications
With functionality and aesthetics in mind, Vena’s cases not only perfectly match your AirTags, but also act as a decorative accessory for your pets or belongings. As long as the strap size fits, you can attach them on your dog, cat, backpack, luggage, belt, and more, or give them as a gift to a friend or family member.

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Lifetime Warranty
Your Vena product comes with a limited lifetime warranty. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply reach out to us and we will replace or refund it. Visit the Vena website for more details.

Material: Silicone
Size: 2.5 x 1.5 x 0.5 inch / 63.5 x 38.1 x 12.7 mm
Weight: 0.1 oz. / 2.8 g

Package Includes
1 x Glow in Dark - Light Pink Airtag Case
1 x Glow in Dark - Light Blue Airtag Case

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
  1. nice
    as discribed


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  2. Best wallet case I’ve had.
    I purchased this case because I wanted one that would hold my drivers license and 2 cards. I was also able to fit my insurance card in there as well, though it is thinner. I don’t think you would be able to fit more than a drivers license and 2 cards and maybe another thinner card like an insurance card or something, but probably not a third charge card. This case goes above and beyond the average wallet case though, as the flap that covers the card compartment can double as a stand to hold the phone up. Some people might not like that using this feature reveals their cards for the world to see, but honestly these card holders aren’t a secret and while at first glance the flap on the back may look like just a decorative feature, anyone taking more than a cursory glance will realize it’s a wallet case. The flap is sturdy and held on by magnets, which when just sitting idle somewhere or waiting is a lot of fun to just play with, opening it and snapping it closed and feeling the magnetic pull. It’s like one of those stress reliever toys, adding (at least for me) another use to this case. The flap can actually hold the phone at any angle you want almost. You can fold it around itself for a single angle, or if you just fold it in half and fold the end portion up, you can set it to magnetically stick to nearer the top making a more angled stand that aims the phone up a bit. Not that many people will really care about a few degrees of angle available on this little thing, but I find it nice when watching something on my phone while cooking and standing above it for example. The cards are very easy to remove. You just slide them out with your thumb. I’ve had several wallet cases but never had any where it wasn’t a struggle to remove my cards. This one is perfect. It gives you a huge area to get a grip of your cards and just slide them out, and the slight slope to the edge of the compartment makes sliding even the bottom one out easy (though you do need to remove all the other cards first). That is the only drawback. You need to put your cards in order of most used to least used, because you don’t want to be removing all your cards to get to the bottom one very often. The case itself is strong and sturdy. It does have a slight lip over the edge of the phone so it feels very strong, but isn’t too thick. A screen protector will still fit on the phone with this case. It feels thick and sturdy so I have no fear from dropping my phone. It is a lot thicker than some cases, due to the card holder aspect of it so it does increase the thickness of the phone by a good bit. This may be a deal breaker for those who love the iPhone for its sleek profile and slim factor. The cutout for the camera is big enough that it doesn’t effect the camera too much for the casual user. I’m sure those with lots of photography knowledge might notice some kind of lighting issue due to shadows from the thick cutout, but I don’t notice it and I don’t think most people would? The buttons work just fine despite being covered with thick rubber, and the speaker grill cutouts let the sound out as intended. All in all this is one of the best wallet cases I’ve ever had and would highly recommend to anyone who doesn’t mind making their phone a little thicker to remove the need for a dedicated wallet.


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